Vision & values

our vision

We develop solutions that we believe in to provide the best energy ratio. By offering clean and cheaper energy, we are part of the sustainable development and ecological transition project that in the medium term envisages reducing the share of fossil and nuclear energy.


EFISUN offers long-term planned and designed projects in order to offer the best CAPEX and OPEX costs .

communities & individuals

Solar solutions adapted to all and any type of needs to guarantee a better future. 

our values

Central values :

Commitment – EFISUN participates every year in national and international conferences and exhibitions for renewable energies such as Intersolar. – the largest and most important exhibition for solar energy in Europe. The EFISUN team regularly follows training courses to update its knowledge and applies for certifications useful to its fields of expertise. In the context of responsible and societal development, EFISUN offers a more personalised partnership with its customers and develops greater cooperation with local partners. EFISUN is a partner with universities and participates in specialized renewable energy programs to offer internships and apprenticeships to students. 

Trust – We are committed to build long-term, personalized relationships based on transparency and trust with our customers and partners.

Team spirit – EFISUN is a young, dynamic, mobile and experienced team in the field of solar energy whose prices are competitive. In addition to their international experience, our employees speak several modern languages, such as French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Romanian which is a major asset in our relations, in communicating with our customers internationally and for projects located abroad.

Reliability – EFISUN is committed to ensuring the smooth running of its projects, giving priority to the quality of its team’s work in order to better meets clients’ expectations. EFISUN uses solar modules and equipment that meet the highest quality standards and developments in the solar energy market.

Guiding values :

Responsibility – Our company has been committed to social and environmental responsibility since its creation. EFISUN is developing greater cooperation with local partners such as the Pôle Emploi, the CCI and the CAD to improve the local economy and employment. EFISUN is working on innovative projects such as the reuse of used vehicle batteries to store solar energy and the reuse of used photovoltaic panels. The EFISUN team ensures the optimization of transport by sharing its vehicles, promoting the use of low-carbon or zero-emission means of transport such as cycling, walking, the use of public transport and electric vehicles for training and projects. We also favour local or national suppliers.

Passion – Since its creation, EFISUN has been fighting for a better use of renewable energies and wishes to optimize electricity consumption. EFISUN shares resources with other partner companies to limit the environmental impact and improve the company’s financial resources. 

Customer satisfaction – EFISUN strives to offer high quality services and fast turnaround times. EFISUN is committed to completing its projects and tasks on time. Our high standards, which are a guarantee of trust, are recognized by our customers who contact us for new projects. 

Efficiency – EFISUN makes the best use of the different skills of its members to propose the most appropriate solutions to meet customer needs.